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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Clutter Control Binder

Organizing with binders is a great way to keep important information in one place. With just a few basic supplies you can create a really easy to use and fun system. Remember that this project can be as simple or as fancy as you want.


1" 3 Ring Binder with clear front cover ( for label or decorating purposes)
Several single color folders with binder holes ( its good to get a different color for each folder)
Divider Sheets
Clear Sheet Protectors
Binder Zipper Bag
Small Calculator
Small Pair of Scissors
Small Stapler
Lined Notebook Paper
Glue Stick

These supplies are fairly easy to come by. Even if bought new, shouldn't cost more then $ 15.00 dollars. Be frugal and shop at places like Big Lots and the Dollar Store.

Each household is different, so will require different sections for their Clutter Control Binder

Below will be a written layout of my Clutter Control Binder. Remember to change yours to suit your needs. My daughter is only 4 years old so her chore list is rather simple and small. If your child is older accommodate the chores to your child's age. I work during the day, so a lot of my chores are scheduled during the afternoon and the weekend. If you stay home, schedule your chores during the day.

If the paper you have doesn't go in a folder pocket, then make sure it has a clear sheet protector before you put it in the binder.

Front Cover- Pictures of rooms and ideas that strike me as useful, the front cover is basically an on-going college of organizing creativity.

House Hold Folder: Daily Chores , Child's Chores, Weekly Menu, Grocery List,
Recipe Folder: Store recipes in clear sheet protectors. Just clip out the recipe or write it on an index card and glue it to a sheet of plain paper. Slide it into the protector and when you have a new recipe just add it on. Try to save the best recipes for this part of the binder, you can organize the recipe folder using dividers for main dishes, sides, and deserts.
Creative Ideas Folders: This section is for all those great organizing ideas you see that you never remember. Using the same method as the recipes save any article in magazines that target your creativity. You can also cover the the front of the binder with some of your favorite ones.
Clutter Control Plans: You can print out my Clutter Control Plan Sheet HERE. Make several copies. When you think of something that needs clutter control, make sure to write it down. Try to judge how much time you think that task would take. If the task takes 20 minutes, and you have an hour before you have to be ready for the Dr. appointment, you will be able to see your Clutter Plan and know you have time to tackle this project! This plan sheet will help you track of what materials you need for the project as well.

Financial & Personal Documents Binder
Bills Folder: Keep all records here, bills, receipts, pay stubs from work, bank receipts, bank statements, loan plans, Rent Receipts. Use envelopes to keep them separated and orangized, use labels to clearly mark each envelope .
Birth Certificates: Keep each family members birth certificate in a clear sheet protector at all times. Also have photo copies of all the photo ids and social security cards.
Health Insurance: If your family is on any kind of health insurance or Medicaid, file away all corresponding papers in this folder, this means spare insurance cards, coverage book, policy agreement, insurance contact information, emergency coverage, etc.
Home Rental/Owner Papers: Whether you rent or own you usually always have papers regarding the house. Mortgage, Deeds, Leases, Terms of the House, Etc. Keep those all together in one piece.
Income Tax: They say its wise to keep your tax information for the most recent 7 years. If you really do this, this may require a separate binder altogether, this may take more time, but in the end is very valuable during tax time.

Binders are one of those organizing tools that never fail to find a new purpose. There are dozens of ways a binder can be made useful in organizing paperwork. Besides binders are manila file folders, which today are becoming a fairly cheap and effective way of organizing papers.

Happy Clutter Control
~Clutter Control Lady~


Eva Wallace said...

Honestly, I'm getting a little tired of lugging around my day planner. I have one large enough for all my bills, phone numbers, medical info, etc. Maybe it's time for a simple calendar to carry in my purse, and to make a Clutter Control Binder to leave on my kitchen counter at home. Sounds like a great part of my New Year's Plan. Thanks!!

Clutter Control Lady said...

I hope this helps you out! Remember, sometimes its easier to have two of something in different areas. Maybe have copies of information you need all the time at home and in your car or bag you carry with you. I can fit my clutter control binder and my binder for organizing work files in a laptop bag. Its small, light weight, and sleek. The better news, it was a laptop bag found at a yard sale for a couple dollars :)

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