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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Weekend Warrior

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Organize your Necklaces

I hate that I don't have a picture of this, but I hope to get one soon.

You can get some corkboard in small squares at walmart or office max. This corkboard is easily cuttable with a good razor.

I cut the cork board into even strips, then using Push Pins, in cordinating colors I spaced them out evenly. I used double sided tape on the back of the cork board and lined the strips vertically down the wall, leaving ample space for longer necklaces, an average space for most necklaces is 18 inches long.

I also used a similar method for my earings, I cut out a square the size I wanted to hold my earings, mine was rather small about 4 inches by 4 inches.

I used a thicker then usual push pin and punched a hole I could somewhat see in the cork board. Then I would use a permant marker to mark the hole. I would make pairs of holes across the square, each line of holes would hold about three pairs of earings. I made a picture frame like stand out of cardboard and attached it to the back with double sided tape.

This same method can be used on a more costly version, using wood and metal hooks. and for the earings a wooden frame and mesh wiring in place of the cork board.

Get that Stubborn Spouce/Child Organized

I struggle with dealing with nagging because no one knows where something is, but when mom/wife says hey lets organize all I hear are moans and groans. I found a way, that at least has been working with my family, to get them interested in organizing. Me and Org Junkie have something in common, containers are an organizer's best friend. I have more containers then I need, and have even had to control myself from buying ones I know I won't use. BUT! I finally figured out that containers can MAKE organizing fun. I was tired of my husbands pencil cup over flowing and falling over every time a pen was retrieved. I hated that when one cd was needed, a shelf of papers, cds, and other odd items would topple off the shelf. When bringing up the conversation of "organizing" the desk, I got the old age responce I love so much " this system works for me" LOL. Not much of a system! But hey, if he really is happy of how it is who am I to complain right? I mean it's his desk. BUT! What if he can keep all his stuff how he wants it, but he just so happens to get a cool organizer for his cds every now and then, and nice new pencil cup one day! That's right, you can trick them into organizing! It may not be how you want it, but things will be kept together in at aleast a visually appealing way. And hey you never know, they may very well catch onto the container bug and relize the more ways they have to keep things together the easier it is on them. I am not making promises of turning your clutter bugs into organizing picasos, but I am saying that with GENTLE influences you can help them get a little organized without the endless "nagging".

Side Note: I bought my husband a cd organizer, a pencil cup, and a small plastic crate and it has at least kept things from falling off shelves and keeping the table top somewhat clear. This in itself makes the room look better and less cluttered, my husband says he enjoys the space on his desk, but now wants more of the cd organizers I got him! So see, the container bug is contagious!

Count Down Till" Christmas!

My Daughter

My Daughter